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If you have any type of business, using the power of affiliates or partners can take your revenue to the next level. if you are interested in starting affiliate marketing as an affiliate or a business, head over to Affistash and get started today!

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Affiliate Program Management: Checklist of Best Practices (2023)

Understanding how to manage your affiliate program is crucial to the success of your program, learn more in this comprehensive guide and checklist of best practices.


Recruiting Quality Affiliates: Grow On Easy Mode With Affistash (2023)

Recruiting quality affilaites is the most important part of managing your affiliate program. Without quality affiliates your program will continue to underperform and fall behind the competition.


Affiliate Marketing KPIs: Affiliate & Program Manager Metrics (2023)

Key Performance Indicators, are quantifiable, offering concrete data on aspects such as conversion rates, sales numbers, and click traffic. This article goes over different KPIs you should look for in the affiliate marketing space, either as an affiliate or an affiliate program manager.