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If you have any type of business, using the power of affiliates or partners can take your revenue to the next level. if you are interested in starting affiliate marketing as an affiliate or a business, head over to Affistash and get started today!


B2B Affiliate Marketing: Setting Up The Easy Way (2023)

Affiliate Marketing is a great marketing channel for any B2B Business. This guide will show you how to get make sure your program is successful, the easy way.


Affiliate Commission Structures: What’s Right For You? (2023)

affiliate commission rates can vary anywhere from 5-25%, This article goes over the different factors to look into when deciding on a commission rate.


Affiliate marketing niches: Choosing the best Niche for you (2023)

When first starting out with affiliate marketing, trying to find a niche is daunting. This article serves to give you more insight when selecting a niche